Teeth Whitening Side Effects

Tooth whitening is considered a safe treatment as long as the procedure is followed as directed. There are however a few risks associated with dental whitening. Common risks include: sensitivity, technicolor teeth and gum irritation.

Most teeth whitening methods use a gel that causes the teeth to be sensitive to cold or hot drinks and foods and even to air. The custom-fitted trays used to whiten teeth are also likely to produce sensitivity mainly to the patient's gum. Gum irritations usually dissipate once the peroxide concentrations stops.

Whitening products containing over 0.1% hydrogen peroxide entail potential risks. High concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can lead to increased tooth sensitivity and mouth irritation especially if you suffer from certain genetic disorders. Patients with significant cracks in their tooth or gum recessions are at particular risk for bleaching sensitivity. Redheads are also at great risk for zingers and teeth sensitivity.

Trays should not be used for long periods. Patients who encounter sensitivity problems should shorten the use period. Ask your dentist to recommend you a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth containing potassium nitrate which relieves nerve endings. Such restorations as porcelain veneers, dental crown or dental bonding are not affected by whitening this leading to a result known as "technicolor teeth". These dental devices can be replaced to obtain a uniform color. Studies show that whitening treatments don't harm teeth nerves, dental restorations or the enamel.

It's highly recommended to seek teeth bleaching under the supervision of a qualified cosmetic dentist and first learn all about teeth whitening risks and side effects.

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