Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is considered the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure mainly because this type of treatment is available to satisfy every temperament, time frame and budget. There are several teeth bleaching treatments to choose from. If you rather not go to your dentist's office you can opt for home-use bleaching kits. It is believed that professionally dispensed take-home whitening kits can produce long term whitening. Take-home whitening kits incorporate a low concentration peroxide gel that is applied to the teeth using custom-fitted whitening trays. The price of a take-home teeth whitening cost is somewhere in the $100 - $500 range.

If you feel more confident using in-office whitening you should know that a bleaching session at your dentist office usually takes at most one hour, unless you have really stubborn staining. In-office whitening carries major benefits and dramatic color change in short time is definitely the most sought-after. Many in-office treatments start in the dentist's chair and are brought home for the remainder of the whitening process.

Whitening products available at the drug store include gels, strips, teeth-whitening toothpastes and flosses. Most times however these teeth whiteners don't provide quick results so make sure you properly understand their pros and cons before you buy them.

Once you have achieved a whiter smile it's very important to learn how to extend its longevity. Your dentist will recommend you to practice a proper oral hygiene. You should also avoid dark-colored beverages and foods for a couple of weeks following the treatment. It's time to check with your dentist and learn what type of whitening treatment is right for you.

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